Consumerism Cancer

While I go about my blogging in Pakistan – I can refer you to my favourite simplistic blog site with very thorough insights, research and perspectives from a great academic, Samuel Alexander, and also the people he attracts.

The latest post put up on the Simplicity Institute site or Voluntary Simplicity looks at Simplicity, Sustainability and Human Rights –

But to me this really takes me to what I believe is one of the biggest cancers on humans, that seems to have grown to epic levels in some places, and that is consumerism.

If someone was to ask me at a beauty contest what I would want to wish for in the world, it would be for humans to be rid of consumerism. If we had a world were just enough is plenty and we can fulfil our needs, not our wants, I think most other things would come back to equilibrium with most importantly – happiness and satisfaction.

I usually don’t go around pointing the finger at others and I am not here to lecture people on material wealth and over consumption, instead it is in my very privileged life that I have seen many cultures where consumerism isn’t at the forefront of their minds and to me they live in the most purest forms I life I can imagine – people, places, community, nature and happiness. When there isn’t enough that is a problem but when there is too much that is also a problem for me.

Rich or poor?

All I can do is live my life in the way I choose but I feel like having been amongst a great number of cultures and communities the best ones for me in my experience are those who are rich with family, community, nature and time. Hence the idea of the Happy Simply lifestyle model and education project!

Rich – to me

Anyway, keep an eye on Samuel’s website and you might also like to keep on these others that are favourites of mine for keeping a Happy Simply mindset:


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