This is where I learnt about simplicity, happiness and pure life. Unfortunately it is at the expense of those who don’t have the choice and have to face challenges we don’t have to when we choose simplicity like access to clean water, infrastructure, innovation, food security, etc… Thank you to those who have taught me and I hope some day we can all CHOOSE simplicity.

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny

As a part of all the trainings and workshops I have given on social justice and advocacy I always include a component of storytelling. This is an example of mine but you might like to adopt something similar. Importantly it is about a particular point in your life and doesn’t have to be about being overseas or something shocking, just something personal. I have been extremely privileged to hear hundreds of these stories and there is no one style that should exist.

Guidelines for the best kind of Your Story blog:

  • 200-1000 words (about 300-600 words usually works best)
  • 3-5 pictures or photos to support your story
  • Content should be one personal experience either explaining why you care about social justice, poverty or similar issues – again it does not need to be a sad story or from a particular place, it just needs to be personal then refined and written

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