This is what I do by day… but by night I am very keen to live a life that is happy, simple and meaningful – interacting with nature and my community.

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny

Very excited to be giving a little presentation/workshop today to my fellow GPP colleagues (and anyone else around Melbourne…) on grassroots advocacy.

I wrote this blog while in the think of The End of Polio campaign in Canada last year and it serves as a very good outline of what I do on a daily basis from today onwards again this year – only in Aotearoa New Zealand for the next couple of months. Happy advocating for a happier more just world for everyone, everywhere and forever!

A typical day in the life of a grassroots advocate – 16 July 2012

A bit of background. I arrived in Quebec City 20 May and since then have travelled through Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops, Vancouver, Victoria and back to Toronto. In that time I have given 40 presentation to 1500 people.Kamloops Rotary presentation This has been at a mix of…

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