Nice progress and a TED talk video on housing and why Happy, simply. makes sense…

A wonderful community get-together last night in Paekakariki to see if anyone is keen to host Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project.

I think people could see I wasn’t selling a pyramid scheme as I am the only one who can lose out (and that is only financially which a. I don’t care and b. the learning I will get will be worth it all!).

With the concept understood and tested amongst the attendees the mood was bright and stirring. People are very keen for the model but the restrictions and council regulations are the hard part to make sure it is all within the rules – but something that is for the benefit of the project and ultimately the council and the community. To be continued on that one.

Is this the future spot for Happy, simply.?

Is this the future spot for Happy, simply.?

So at this stage it looks like we have some wonderful options for locations as well as a couple of design options – on wheels, transportable by a truck and crane, flat pack ikea style or something else. But all of these things should be resolved by the end of the week and the game of council approval can begin!

Thank you to those who came out last night and lost of listening and learning for me. With the sun out and a beautiful evening it really was the warm welcome to a community I hope to base myself in for the coming future and beyond!

And now for a video… this is a great TED talk from Dan Phillips on creative houses from reclaimed stuff. He looks at the common sense approach of using stuff around the place and this really makes me feel good and supports the ideology I am trying to make a reality with Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project.

Big cheers from Paekakariki, Aotearoa New Zealand!

Paekakariki sunrise


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