Workshops – build your own Happy, simply. 10m2 studio!

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Building and Design Workshops:
Build your own Simple Sustainable Self-sufficient Studio!

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Intro – some context and what it is all about
This studio is a part of Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project – 

The studio is just one component of the model but the first phase and probably most important. A 10m2 studio will be built having renewable energy, water capture, bio-compostable toilet, rooftop garden and more…

The Happy, simply project is dedicated to education, learning and inclusiveness where the process is just as important as the end product, so I want to give others the opportunity to participate, learn and do just as I will be!

What people will learn – an outline of what people will learn and what they walk away with. What can they expect?

Keywords and interests here are: building, design, architecture, sustainability, simplicity, community, self-sufficiency and where less is more and just enough is plenty!

But really this is a building and design workshop to learn why and how to design and build a house in the most simple step-by-step way.

Workshop Program Specific to Dates:

Weekend  9/10 February:

  • Getting started: design explanation and setting out design
  • Main timber-framed structure set up on floor

Weekdays 11-15 February:

  • Erecting timber-framed structure: wall, floor, roof and mezzanine framing
  • Windows and doors set up

Weekend 16/17 February:

  • Roof: roof underlay, roof cladding, drainage and green roof
  • Walls: wall underlay, wall cladding and flashings
  • Internal insulation: floor, walls and ceiling

Weekdays 18/22 February:

  • Attached eave and deck

  • Stairs and cabinetry

Weekend 23/24 February:

  • Set up rain water collection system, solar system
  • Internal lining and finishing: wall linings, wooden floor installation, painting and polish.

Weekdays 25/26:

  • Retouches and Cleaning

Learning and Skills Throughout:

Depending a little on which stage of the build you choose (or ALL of it!) you will learn/do:

  • Tiny house: Pros and cons of a small dwelling
  • Passive design concepts: how to get a better energy efficient dwelling
  • Choosing the right spot and orientation
  • Sketch a sustainable transportable home regarding dweller’s needs, location and building regulations and codes
  • Starting from scratch: adjusting design according to recycled materials available
  • ‘Set-out’ of the dwelling: Obtain reference point, boundary lines, site levels and understand ground conditions
  • Learn basic timber-framing: measure, cut, squareness, level, bracing, fixing, etc.
  • How to erect a wooden structure
  • Install openings in walls (windows and doors) and seal the joints
  • Carry out step-by-step edible garden on roof
  • Third Skin: How to achieve a breathable, insulated and waterproof dwelling
  • Install your own solar system and water collection
  • Handy tricks for DIY

Then you’ll be ready to build your own Happy, simply lifestyle model and 10m2 studio!

Really we can accommodate anyone in building skills from first picking up a hammer to just about to build your own place on your own!

Level of skill required (1 – beginner 10 – expert)
Anywhere from 2 – have hammered a nail to 8 – just about ready to make their own batch

What / who is Happy, simply and relevant background
I had the idea and pushed to make it a reality but I have very little building and less design experience but luckily I have teamed up with SHAC – Sustainable Habitat Challenge and sourced two amazing designers and builders from Spain who are running the workshop aspect of the build while I manage and pretend to know what’s happening!

Happy, simply comes from my 12 years and 58 countries of learning and experiencing that taught me less can be more (when you get to choose it) and by day I work as an educator and advocate in the aid and development sector.

For me this project and these workshops are about how I can implement the learning I have received from my experiences with the world’s poorest and apply them in the developed world, where we can choose sustainability, self-sufficiency and simplicity and be richer for it.

Check out the poster and this blog site for more

What people need to bring

  • Gloves, hat and covered shoes
  • Warm clothes if cold; suncream, bathers for swim at the beach after work if hot; and insect repellent for the sand flies if they make a visit
  • Bonus will be any tools you might have access to – hammer, powered tools like a powered drill, etc (plus makes you look legitimate).
  • Fun and learning attitude! – Happy, Simply.

Maximum Number of people
10 on weekends and 8 on weekdays

$30 single day or $50 for weekend, $70 weekdays, $150 for the whole build – Feb 8-27

Funds will go to lunches and trying to pay the workshop builders / designers (Javi and Mireia the Spanish guys) who are volunteering their time and expertise to do all of this and would love a bit of assistance to help them along…

Logistics: Date, times, location, etc

  • Feb 9-26 with key days being Sat/Sun 16/17 Feb and 23/24 Feb
  • Paekakariki Holiday Park – 40km north of Wellington (beautiful by the sea!) map
  • Lunch will be included but accommodation is not however the Holiday Park is great and cheap ($15/person camping)
  • Days are 9am – 5pm
  • If you are interested in doing the whole build Feb 9-26, weekdays or extra days let me know

Contact: d’Arcy, 022 381 0732,

Support and a little wish list…

We are looking for the following if possible to help the project along:

  • Possible billeting for me and the Spanish couple who are the designers and builders for the project
  • Billeting for other volunteer / workers / participants / workshop attendees – even space for camping in the yard would be great
  • Borrowing a trailer for picking up materials – used mainly in the first week from Feb 6-16
  • Building materials – anything from: large 4m support beams, cladding, big glass sliding door windows, wall insulation

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