Happy, simply takes a wonderful new turn…

All things conspire to inspire is something to keep in mind.

Since Waitangi Day on Wednesday 6 Feb it has felt like 4 years not 4 days.

Things really came to the pointy end and stress was about as high as I have ever experienced. Friday I was up writing emails and organising logistics till 2am and then at 8am I received a call saying that the location I had planned to build and live for Happy, simply was no longer available… My first reaction was relief. Relief that this project had all got too difficult, ambitious and stressful and thank god I can now call it off.

I then enrolled in an emotional rollercoaster for the day – dragging the two amazing wonderful Spanish designers and builders along with me. Luckily by evening, after speaking to my mum and taking a walk I was thinking about a new direction for Happy, simply and in the end it was a new direction to do what was originally planned – to keep things happy and simple!

So today with renewed energy, perspectives and emotions I sat with Mireia and Javi, the designers and builders, and plotted out what could be possible in the next 15 days to build a dwelling that fits in with the Happy, simply philosophy. We looked at many options and then we spied a 6m long trailer and boat going cheap on Trade Me (NZ equivalent of eBay). The idea to build a house on a trailer as was once dreamed of early in the plans become a bit more real.boat & trailer

A phone call, car trip and inspection revealed this dream has a reality.

This trailer will be a house!

This trailer will be a house!

John sold us his 6m trailer (that did have a huge 18ft wooden boat on it and was only extra $100 – but no thanks) which now made a house on a trailer not possible but absolute! He also threw in 11 sheets of gyprock, 3 pallets, rope, bicycle, bicycle electric generator (to power my home!), his best wishes and incredible amount of generosity.

Javi and I drove the trailer up to Paekakariki and Happy, simply dwelling mach 2.0 is alive and will continue…!

More tomorrow (after I have slept again) and a new invite to all to join in with Happy, simply. – dates, place, FREE and more!

3 thoughts on “Happy, simply takes a wonderful new turn…

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  2. Hey there Lunny, Sounds like you have some amazing people to work with. A mobile home is a great solution. Following in the footsteps of the many semi nomatic people around the world. Really happy that you were able to find a solution and carry on with your grand plans. All the best mate and speak soon

    • Quite the 24 hour journey but thanks for being there to just hear a voice and gear up for a change of direction, vision and commitment – nice and reassuring actually…


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