Build Day 1 – The Dream is Tangible

It has been an amazing first day of building (actually not much building but organising and a little building).

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It was an incredible moment for me at one stage to ride my bike into the build site and see people with tools, working away, sharing conversation and learning with, and from, each other. It was one of those 10 second grabs that I will carry with me for a long time. The trail from thinking, planning, consulting, listening, altering, organising, etc… was expressed in the practical application of a dream that is real and taking form.

Working putting the bearers together...

Working putting the bearers together…

But today was not about me it was a beautiful Paekakariki day where people came together to share, learn and interact with each other and an ideology of what the world can look like with simplicity, sustainability and sufficiency. It was not by chance we all happen to be there at the start of the day sat around a table explaining why we wanted to be a part of the Happy, simply project.

Team Day 1!

Team Day 1!

The photos speak volumes and I cannot explain the happy butterflies that are circling around inside me and what a joy it is to be a part of something that has meaning, application and tangible outcomes for anyone and everyone that interacts with it – a very special day.

Huge thanks to anyone who has been a part of any/all of it to this point – so many people have given ideas, generosity, time, effort, compassion, interest, passion and endeavour.

So on to day 2 – building the floor!

Details: 9-5pm, end of Tilley Rd , BYO lunch (we have bread), if coming from Wellington let me know and we can try to carpool people…

We are here all week so please drop by when you get the chance. Really, please come and see what we are up to and you will be amazed from this point to what it will be by Monday 25 Feb!

It’s a wonderful day, thank you to all and see you tomorrow!

Happy, simply.





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