Build Day 2 – Bloody trailer…

The tangible progress of the build today is very small in terms of looks. However the team poured a lot of time, energy, brainpower and effort into the intricacies to make sure those sleeping in the Happy, simply home will have blood in their head and feet at the same time. This means making it level

Had we been building a house on the ground it is quite easy to work with at least one fixed point. Today’s challenge was with wonky wood, wonky trailers and wonky level to prop the trailer up at the right level.

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Again the pure highlight of the day was the learning, listening, conversation, laughs and passing of time and experiences together. It is a beautiful thing to see people interacting and sharing time and life together with an interest in learning, sustainability, sufficiency and an incredible humbleness where no one or no thing is more important – such a rich environment to be in.lunch

It’s not all kumbaya, love, peace and happiness – meaning we are ordinary people doing ordinary things just hoping simplicity, sustainability, and self-sufficiency becomes more ordinary. There is a lot of laughs and good times of course…

Javi, the designer / builder / teacher / good guy, quote of the day: ‘two decks (pronounced ‘dicks’ in Aotearoa New Zealand) is better than one’ this came about from another quote from the crew which was ‘never buy a second-hand trailer (editor note – especially for building a house on it)’ which has us cutting a metre off the end of the house and now have two dicks (decks) instead of just one!

So the design and house modifications continue as well as the learning, sharing, growing and community around it all.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Now we just need to build a house!

Happy, simply.




2 thoughts on “Build Day 2 – Bloody trailer…

  1. Great photos and comment of the day. Wobbly can be good to – everything Ive every made has turned out a little wobbly. Looks like its all about the vibe. A big hello and keep it going from josha, Emil and Nele. Josha asked if you could come to my birthday party on Friday.

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