And we are dancing…

We have a floor!

We have a floor!

Can’t speak on the build from first-hand experience tonight as I was away all day in Wellington ridding the world of polio (trying to chip away at it anyway – with a little success as I do have a presentation to the Parliamentarians on March 12!).

Anyway the crew were hard at – Javi, Dan, Linley, Nicola, Tukaha, Dave and a mix of people who come in day to day.

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Again the day was met with challenges as I got an urgent message to find a jockey wheel as the trailer was starting to become unbalanced while putting up the walls, not so sure on how or where to find such a thing but I am starting to learn the role of the site manager or the people who have to make sure the stuff is there so the others can build – tough and stressful job I do have to say.

However the day must go to the building team who are out in the beautiful but bright and tiring sun each day and toiling away at the significant task of trying to build a home on an old boat trailer!

I have to leave it there tonight so I can be at 100% tomorrow – and more stress-free to deliver on the parts I am in charge of!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAA big muchisimas gracias to Javi the designer and builder who not only manages the building each day but also the calculations, the estimations and the patience of giving people a quality learning experience so they can take a step towards building their own home or skills useful to them in the future. Javi you are doing an amazing job (but he can’t ready this as he has no internet access of have time to look online!!!).

Apparently we are half way at day 5 of 10 for the build! Lets see how it goes!

Happy, simply.




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