More than light bulbs…

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I remember reading a report once that read the average energy consumption of a human in the western world is split up something like this: energy pie

The thing that boggles my mind a little tonight is how much stuff you need to make a house… Now I can’t remember how the breakdown of this stat goes so it is not well referenced (but I can reference it tomorrow when I have more brain power and time) but housing we always try our hardest to use energy efficient lights and transport we now know that riding and public transport can make a difference but the one we neglect the most is stuff.

The beauty of a small 10m2 house is you can’t have stuff, nor need it, nor want it – this is the beauty of choosing simplicity where you can have more in your life with less – family, community, people, places, nature, interaction, connection, etc and it is not based on needing things to make yourself feel good. As ‘they’ say the best things in life are not things. This I know this and have spruiked it for a long time but what I didn’t know is much stuff you need to build a house!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe have done our absolute best with this place, especially considering the very tight timeframe, to build this thing and source as many of the materials as possible from leftover, used, wasted or eco friendly / enviro conscious items. Even still it takes a lot of stuff – it is amazing. We have totally taken over the next door neighbour’s yard, filled the weavers place with the things that need to be kept inside and just generally have stuff everywhere…

I hate to think of the resources needed to make an average house that is now 30% bigger with 30% less people living in them in the past 30 years (that fact is sourced from Dr David Suzuki!).

Honestly I am really proud of the team and my efforts to make something that will have such a small footprint before it is even lived in that will then be self-sufficient with renewable energy, water capture, bio-compostable toilet and edible garden.breaking down pallets to use the wood

These are the beautiful lessons I am learning that I never expected and from just saying lets do it and have a go!

Just wish I hadn’t been up since 6am and now going to be at 11pm!

Happy, simply.



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