What will become of the Happy, simply. home?

It kind of felt like progress and success today!

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We had a bunch of people all doing things and we now have a ceiling and a roof with insulation!

As you will now see we have the outside cladding painted and I like to call it – Murray colour – named after Murray the purple Wiggle. At least it is bright, fun, happy and not boring or subtle!

We also had a few guests today:

  • Stan the solar manStan to solar guy who filled us in on all things solar;
  • Gill from Habitat for Humanity who has been a great support for putting me in touch with people and suppliers as well as Habitat being a great organisation that gives low income earners a chance to be warm and dry in the NZ winter as well as run overseas volunteer programs – just go to their website! …
  • A number of local people who have heard about it from somewhere and are keen to see what it is all about

The most common question from passers by seems to be what are going to do with it when it is done?

At this stage the idea is evolving but I am SEARCHING for a wee spot 7m long, 2.5m wide and 4.2m high. I will only get to live in it for the month of March as I have to return to Australia in April and then I am off working in polio eradication for the rest of the year.

So here is the call out – I would love to live in the Happy, simply home for the month of March somewhere in Paekakariki where it is being built. Anyone in the community keen to host a fully self-sufficient, sustainable and simple home for the month?

The size of the beastThen from April on I have a few options of what will happen to the Happy, simply home… ideally I would love for it to be somewhere fairly public and for as many people to use and experience it over the course of the year so not just for one person but as many as possible. I’d love to see people come and stay in it for a night or two and get a taste for the happy, simple, sustainable lifestyle. There have been a few offers from around the place but I think best would be if it can remain in the community it was born in – Paekakariki, but nothing jumping out just yet…

Then when 2014 rolls around I hope to be back in Aotearoa New Zealand living and working with the usual nomadic trip/volunteering for a few months of the year, as is the nature of my ways.

I would love to hear suggestions, thoughts, ideas, initiatives on what you think would be best for the Happy, simply home. While I have lead and funded this project I defiantly don’t feel like I own it as it has been put together but a community of people and ultimately should be shared with a community of people.

Over to you… what will become of the Happy, simply. home? …

Happy, simply.




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