It’s a wrap!

Unfortunately not meaning finished but just wrapped in the wonderful waterproof but breathable membrane!

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We are getting there… piece by piece we are moving towards completion. I still have no idea if this means it will be completed by the last possible day which is Thursday – by then my nerves and care will have been shot and finished anyway!

comfortable paintingI finally managed to spend a whole day building, finally, and not having to source materials or do too many updates/emails. My first job was the wonderful task of painting all the wood on the trailer in Jeff Purple – yesterday I called is Murray Purple when Murray is obviously red (from the Wiggles). By the end of it I did feel like a 7-month-old not being able to support my own neck from having to paint from under the trailer (house). Still I’m very glad it was me as wouldn’t want to subject anyone to the torture of it all and it was also the first time I was actually painting for myself and my own home!

Still my role is just minor to all those who came out today and each had their own projects, challenges, learnings and success.

Today’s gains:

  • We have a loft!
  • We have some outside cladding complete
  • The home is now wrapped in it’s own special gor-tex like jacket – never knew homes needed it
  • I have a water-capturing roof!
  • We have a back deck

The really special component of the day is watching the volunteers interact and share lives with each other and then the people who pass by completely intrigued and integrate with the concept, ideas, practicalities and educational hopes of the project.

It was a long day but such a wonderful beautiful fulfilling way to spend it – I hope so for the amazing team of volunteers today as well. Thank you – Javi, Dan, Kora, Linley, Nicola, Tim, Tukaha, Dave, Jude, Fiona, Sarah, Patrick and Paul – and to all those who come out each day throughout.

Happy, simply.




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