Front Page!

We’re on the front page of today’s paper!

‘House project on (a) roll’

So tonight’s blog is have a read of the article… – and see us still currently on the front page –

front page kapiti observerActually it is a spot-on article for what the project and the build is trying to complete. Great journalism and wish there was more accurate journalism like this for the polio work I do!

Have a read of the article and join our celebrations today for this recognition and for the model to be seen as it hopes to be.

Small summary of the day and photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today is day 10 – Completion (in the original plan). But as you will see we are not quite there.

There have been a few hurdles put in front of us such as people and places pulling out last minute being the critical one and mostly being a semi-pro builder short. This means everyone is learning, which is great for the project, but not so good for the completion date.

However by this Friday for the small-house warming we will have some sort of home to celebrate ready to be lived in (in some sort of shape or form) and still not sure exactly where either…

Happy, simply.



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