Not always happy or simply but certainly abundant and fruitful (in learning and experiences)

A day of frustrations and intricacies (and absences – me!)

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The original plan was to have been done in 10 days but circumstance has dictated more days and we are still at an amazing place for 12 days…

We know not everything will go to plan – but plans are made to be changed.

However the pressure cooker of trying to get something finished in time before the builders and volunteers leave has been intense. Really I don’t think I am advantage to the project around the building as my stress comes out and stresses everyone else!

In reflecting a bit today, as I was in Wellington doing my other work, would I do this again like this? Not a chance. Am I glad I have done it? Not completely. But has it been a meaningful, learning and amazing experience – hell yeah!

In terms of the Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project, there could be no more significant contribution to the home component that what we have done – bringing people and community together to produce something that is as sustainable, collaborative and connected as can be.

My biggest concerns are for the well-being of the people who have volunteered working on it daily, tirelessly, or for those who have supported us always with pressure and impossible deadlines.

While Happy, simply is kind of misleading for this component of the project – since it has been largely complex and often stressful it does make for the most abundant and fruitful learning opportunities and experiences… go team

Lets see what this amazing amalgamation of builders, volunteers and community can do in the remaining two days while we are all still together!

Happy, simply.



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