Clad inside and out

A sense of progress and this build might actually end! Also tomorrow from 5-7pm it is a mini small-house warming to share with the public our little project and to farewell the main builder/designer/teacher/yoda – Javi. Please come if you are around, to the north end of Tilley Rd.

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The Happy, simply home is now clad inside and out! All the doors and windows are IN and the only thing before beautifying is the roof, gutter and inside floor. Once all that is done then it is just the finishing touches and if you are about aesthetics or making things look nice as much as me… it is virtually done!

Since the article in the paper the other day there have been numerous visitors come and visit the sight. So many people come enthusiastic, inspired and wanting to know more – it is just beautiful and perfect the outcomes I could have only dreamed of. I am only sorry I don’t have time to spend with people at this moment as I now only have one more full day with the main builder and designer – Señor Javier Carrasco…SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Come next week when I will be still working on it but have moved in I am very keen to meet and greet anyone/everyone who would like to know more about simplicity, self-sufficiency, sustainability and total satisfaction with less. It is a wonderful part to play in a community and to interact and learn from it as well.

Today is farewell to local lad – Dan who came to us after loosing his job on the eve of the build and has been an amazing contributor, not only with his building skills but also with his easy-going attitude and gentle demeanour. Dan you are a super-star and thank you so much for so much!

Dan - usually on hands and knees

Dan – usually on hands and knees

We are now down to a hardcore group of four – Javi, Nicola, Dave and I so if anyone wants to come in and help out your would be very welcome!

Happy, simply.




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