Plastered and the Small-house Warming

Sorry a wee late on the blog for day 14 of 10 in the building of the Happy, simply home.

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It feels like it is almost finished – I can see the line, I’m exhausted and that feeling of achievement, satisfaction and job well done is just around the corner…

Yesterday was a special day as they all have been. We all worked tirelessly and it was a team of four – Javi, Nicola, Dave and I. They (and sometimes me) have been going flat out for 14 days straight and I think we are all glad it is going to end!

IMG_0988Throughout the day we had the usual stream of visitors who come and admire, inspire or conspire to the concept of Happy, simply and the flagship home of the idea, philosophy or outlook on life. It is that not everyone will live in a 10m2 house built on an old boat trailer (in fact I highly advise not to!) but the beauty of it is that there is something for everyone…

Half of the compostable toilet (the poo one)

Half of the compostable toilet (the poo one)

People have been fascinated by all different aspects of the project – the design, the building, the solar, the compostable toilet (that arrive yesterday thanks to Matt from Green Earth), the mini worm farm (new addition), the cycling and advocacy or about volunteering and community participation.

There was a lovely little gathering of folks who cam round from 5-7pm for a mini small-house warming to see our progress and at it’s near completion. There will be a big hoo-har one when the house is properly finished near the end of March but anytime anyone is invited to call in for a look – the location will be disclosed very shortly…

IMG_0995Off to build and put the floor in and then it is somewhat habitable!

Happy, simply.




One thought on “Plastered and the Small-house Warming

  1. Thats huge Lunn – very impressive – yes I did think you were pissing on your front door before I even read the script. I actually like the colour and I hope the moving went to plan. Speak soon
    Tom H

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