5 conniptions

It moves! The Happy, simply has moved on from its place of being built next to the weavers hut to towards where it all started on day one of the build on Wellington Rd.

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The maiden voyage was mostly successful and I did see that it can actually move which I wasn’t so sure about.

My 5 conniptions came from:

  1. Firstly having to move it has had me wrecked since it was first being built
  2. The moment we were touching the gutter of the weavers and it scraped a little on the side of the home
  3. The brief moment I thought we had backed into the power line and but it was just a portion of the back deck being ripped off on the power pole
  4. As we scraped along the gutter trying to avoid an overhanging branch which we did scrape and collect the branch anyway
  5. As it was making it to its temporary resting place mounting the curb as certain wheels were off the ground at certain times

A part from those conniptions I had minor heart attacks each minute and we still haven’t got it to the tricky part of the slopey lawn yet! D-day to final destination will be 6am Sunday morning when the road will be empty and we can back in slowly.

It was amazing to see it out of its born habitat and see the front side for the first time away from the side of a building… It looks smaller now that it is out from under the weavers hut but so beautiful and ready to be lived in! It is now purple on the outside and yellow inside as painting has finished.

These kinds of days just need a lot of thanks to those who can do what I certainly couldn’t do – Dave on painting and potbelly stove brushing, the incredible Bruce on towing skills, the neighbour Tania for allowing it all to happen next to her home, the Paekakariki weavers, Doris and Bob for the potbelly, Richard for the flue, the Beach Rd Café for bread and the list could go on and this is just one day!

Hope to next be in touch from my home, at home, Sunday!

Happy, simply. 




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