First Night

Oh what a beautiful morning waking up in your OWN NEW HOME!

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Finally after an amazing amount of time, logistics, stress, work, love, attention and interest I managed to have things set up enough where I could spent the night in my own simplistic, sustainable and (mostly) self sufficient Happy, simply home!

The happy simple loftWhile there are still many things to do like adding an eave on one of the decks, getting the toilet system up to scratch and waiting for it to rain so I have self-sufficient water capture it is certainly the right time to move in (editor note I now have a full barrel – thanks rain!).

I am trying to start simple and stay simple – this is the great sophistication of simplicity. Yes I could do with an easier way to have my kitchen sorted and with more gadgets but starting with less is a great way to work out my needs from my wants. How long will I think I will need this item, how often will I use it, can I afford a small space for it or do I live without it, improvise or share, borrow and use with others. This is the art of living more with less.

Anyway back to last night, my first night, in the Happy, simply home – the most amazing thing while lying in bed with a smile on my face up in the cosy loft above the rest of my life below was the feeling of humility, gratitude and love.

  • Humility – so many people have given so much for me to be in this amazing space in time, hospitality, expertise, supplies, effort and more…
  • Gratitude – without all of these people, efforts and materials it wouldn’t happen
  • Love – why should I be so lucky to have all of this done for me to live here and all I can do is put all of that love back into the world, pay it forward and share it

Go team!I am currently composing the Happy, simply handbook which incorporates all the components of the model and project but will also aim to look at the building experience.

For those of you who are in Wellington next Monday you can come along to the Happy, simply workshop – thanks to Chalkle, 7.30-8.30pm, Monday 25 March, 18 Allen St, RSVP here: and if you are really keen you can also come to a bicycle touring workshop I am running the hour before that 6-7pm – cycle touring with or without a cause

Inside viewLet the inside photos speak for themselves – if that is what they are doing positively for you as excitedly as they are for me!

Happy, simply.




6 thoughts on “First Night

      • The houses are generally small..but not that small-then again there are an average of 6 persons per house and there are probably only 3 times the size. It does make it easier living in a country with very little variation of climate as time is better spent outside under the mango tree where you can get a breeze.
        As for the composting toilets and rainwater I am working on that one. Doing my best to reverse the “development” of underground septic systems and a flush toilets.

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  2. Hey d’Arcy, happy house warming! Toni and Fi in CHCH fwd me the link to your blog as I’d really like to have a cute wee place someday. how did you start this project? like getting together a bunch of people to help build?
    Cheers, Jen

    • Hi Jen, thank you for the comment and a good question. My first point of contact after having the thought, idea, concept and proposal was Tim Bishop from SHAC – SHAC – Sustainable HAbitat Challenge He then helped find some designers and builders to work on the project. It was then up to me to build up a learning experience and the logistics for volunteers to join in with the build.
      Hope this helps and happy to share all of the experiences and learning from the project! Thanks, d’Arcy.

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