Happy Simply Presentation – the information and inspiration

After an amazing response of over 1500 people visiting the Happy, simply blog, thanks  largely to the Tiny House Blog blog – http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-concept/happy-simply-a-lifestyle-model-and-education-project/ I thought it best to share with you the best source of info for adding to your happy, simply lifestyle!

2013.04.12 Happy simply presentation email (17MB so will take a little while to download…)

This is a presentation I gave recently in Wellington and Melbourne on the Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project.

It looks at why, where it all came from, how it grew from idea, to concept, to poster, to project and finally to reality!

The idea is to share as much of this experience as possible for anyone and everyone to take a piece of the project and use it in their own lives.

Very happy to answer any questions specific to your needs, situation or one of the concepts of the project – just add in a comment at the bottom with your question.

Along with the PDF of this presentation I usually give folks at presentations the two documents I use extensively – the poster and the proposal (see below). I also show the youtube clip of the build – http://youtu.be/dl8safGwXhQ

Happy Simply – life model & education project email


Happy, simply.



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