First happy, simply customer

The first guest has stayed a night at the Happy, Simply home!

Their email to me was so uplifting and fantastic that I had to share it with you (with her permission). It also made me feel almost relieved, that someone is receiving hospitality and I have something to do with it as I have lived off others hospitality for so many years!

I think the email also captures some of the essence what I hoped and dreamed of for the Happy, simply project. That is for others to receive some learning, perspectives and qualities of simplicity! In this case it is more of reaffirmation of simplicity that it is OK especially in the very different world we live in and are surrounded by.

The email is a lovely mix of things that need attention in the home and what good it passes on to others!

Hi d’Arcy

Thoughts. Feeling pretty privileged to be the first guest to stay in the Happy, simply home.

Just to let you know I got on well at Happy, simply. The biggest mission is the fetching of water back and forth as the rainwater collection isn’t in the best condition. And for one of the female species, taking a shower was going to be a challenge but I managed on my last day 😀

(Editor note: the only shower at the moment is a camping solar shower of putting water in a black plastic bag with a hose at the bottom of it)

I showered after being truly challenged with my run up Paekakariki’s amazing escarpment track. Partway through, as I wasn’t expecting to do a big run, I got hungry… My early detour took me on a sheer cliffhanging experience! So certainly I would go back and do that track armed with more fuel for my body!

Anyway, a tip for women who are booking next – bring togs 😀 You should have seen how I strategically set up the camp shower. Ingenuity born out of the necessity for a good wash up!

Also, just so you know, a couple came all the way from Tangimoana (that’s like a few hours drive north of here up the coast) with your news article in hand, and grandson on tow on my last morning there. They share a few acres of land with caravans on them at the mo and looking to build a dwelling as simply as possible. I showed them around, talked to them and gave them the sample of the proclima product and a brochure so I think they learnt something 😀

But I digress…

My thoughts were on the frugality of living. For most this is usually born out of lack of necessities in life, hardship or perhaps plain miserliness. Much of the developed world anyway are used to material comforts and modern gadgets that deal with household chores, but being a low-tech user, I felt very much at home.

Only now can I claim my frugality out loud – thanks to this project of yours. It is absolutely acceptable to be absolutely low-tech.

So personally for me I take this away from my couple nights at Happy, simply – it’s OK to live simply…

Thanks, d’Arcy, I enjoyed being at Happy, simply. Take care and congrats on the home.


Oh pix of me at Happy Simply attached…Happy simply happy customer


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