A day in the life in the Happy, simply home…

This is a little out-dated and I am drawing on my wonderful memories of only having lived in my home Happy, simply home for two weeks before having to leave…

I hope this gives a bit of an idea just amazingly happy and simple a typical day is in the Happy, simply. – lifestyle model and education project! For me at least!

  • A lovely wake up to the sounds of birds near the open window just a metre from my face and snug and cosy in the loft of the Happy, simply home.
  • A quick organisation of clothes from the loft on the rail hung from the ceiling and down the ladder into the rest of my lovely homeIMG_1099kapiti observer inside next to stairs
  • I would usually kick off a day with a walk, run or ride to get the blood moving and to be out in the day and see what the world is up to – fortunately from the Happy, simply home I have an array of choices of beach, mountain bike trails, hills and trail runsPaekakariki vista
  • Brekky is a simple pleasure and usually I don’t bother with cooking anything so a gathering of water from my water tank and a simple brekky of fruit and cereal
  • Time to work which is often a combination of emails, writing blogs, preparing presentation and running campaigns on social justice topics and issues with the Global Poverty Project and currently The End of Polio campaignkapiti observer working at desk
  • My work space is sufficient with a fold out desk, warm by 10am from direct sunlight and with a view of the outside and street  to keep me sufficiently distracted! IMG_1104
  • Lunch moves me to the other side of the home to the other desk in the room to prepare breads, spreads, crackers or whatever is floating about. Often I will sit in the door space or the front deck to eat and observe what might be happening in that little window on the world that dayIMG_1107Happy, simply. home
  • Clean up is easy with my kitchen on the front deck – water tank, a tub and drying rack – nothing fancy and where just enough is plenty
  • Afternoon might be some work, play, catch ups, etc in the home or community
  • By late arvo I usually look to head out again for a ride, swim (if warm enough) or long walk to try and catch an incredible Paekakariki sunset – my favourite free gift everyday!IMG_1076
  • Sufficiently warm from some activity I have a solar water shower off the back corner of the house and feel all sparkly and clean
  • As evening comes in I switch to solar powered LED lights, solar radio and prepare dinner on a camping stovesimple solar light
  • The night has me, reading, writing, thinking, talking and often walking just before bed to take in the day and often beautiful night sky and stars
  • Use of the compost toilet, teeth brush and up the ladder to the loft for a spot of reading before closing my eyes with a smile on my face in a home that was built by strangers who became friends and care about the world enough to volunteer and learn together to create the Happy, simply home

I know this is all a bit pathetic and ideological and it is a combo of most days…

The practical functions of the day are pretty simple with basic needs and therefore basic resources and surroundings.

I’m sure there would be a lot of questions ‘what about…?’ But really life can be as simple as you make it and often is for me in the context of a day like this, it is. I didn’t stumble into a lifestyle like this automatically or easily it has taken a lot of learning, conscious planning and deliberate decisions and actions but it is a very rich and fulfilling way of life – for me 🙂

Happy, simply.




8 thoughts on “A day in the life in the Happy, simply home…

  1. Thanks, a great read, hope you build yourself another happy place somewhere in this world. Due to councils regulations in NZ, I have now decided to buy an old ready built small house/land and renovated it to my likings. Although this may not be in my preferred location Northland NZ, the joy of having my very own happy place entices,,,Kind regards Melanie Adams nz

    • This is a great alternative as it is very stressful to source the skills, materials, volunteers and time to do something like the Happy, simply home and I think starting with something simple is a great way to go – only slight drama is that they are hard to find! All the best and be sure to visit the Happy, simply home if you are down in Paekakariki…

  2. Inspiring d’Arcy…there seems so many ‘things’ in life that make it too complex!! I appreciate your honesty in stating it has taken time, conscious planning and deliberate action to live like this! Provides me reason when everything yells it can’t be done!! Admirable as only you can be 🙂 I’ve always found you happy 🙂

    • Thanks Burrie. A quote I often use puts this into perspective: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!’. The other tricky part is that is often goes against the grain of the people and society around you which takes time to get over the – what I’m doing is not wrong, it’s different.

  3. Hi D’Arcy, Great to see a tiny home in use in New Zealand. I’m in Auckland and planning on building a similar tiny home, but more in the style of Four Lights tiny homes, as I’ll be living in it with my todlder. My plan is to be able to be as self-sufficient as possible, and as Auckland regulations state I can’t live in it permanently, the current plan is to drive it to National Park in the winter to rent land there to put it on and ski for the winter!

    • Fantastic! Would be great to see some pics of your place if you have any weblinks to them and to share with others reading this blog… thanks, d’Arcy.

    • Hey mate, thanks for the Q and brave since probably everyone wants to know but doesn’t ask… There is a deck on the back of the house with a small enclosure and it is a bio-compost toilet that can be changed, emptied and/or sorted with compost heaps in another location. It’s scary how easy, NOT smelly and useful the process and compost is and really could be done in any household anywhere…

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