Post Growth Institute – enlightening resource and How on Earth…

During my daily life I work in the movement to see an end to extreme poverty. But just as passionately I am interested in simplicity, community, nature and loving life simply, happily and humbly. I have been fortunate to learn to live, and to love living, with less and where just enough is plenty.

Some of the sources for me to be in this position have been from living and learning with some of the world’s poorest people, communities and countries. The other important side has been how to put these lessons into place in the developed world – hence the Happy, simply project and other things I do. To get me to the point of actively living happiness with less it has taken some great people, resources and sources of information and inspiration.

One of my three favourites is the Post Growth Institute (PGI). PGI and one of it’s amazing leaders and co-founders – Donnie Maclurcan is composing a book called How on Earth – flourishing in a not-for-profit economy:

Please take a look at this link to learn more about the topics and thoughts covered. Essentially it is about how we can continue to live our lives, similarly to how we may now, just with a little more connectedness to people and nature rather than profit and business.

mondays ok jobs no goodThe book is being crowd-funded and I encourage you to join in and become a supporter and get a copy – bonus: crowd-funding and something to show for it!

The future of the world can look so bright and it doesn’t have to be all of us living in 10m2 homes, so I hope you will add the Post Growth Institute, Donnie and this upcoming book into your file of learning with respect to talking about and acting upon seeing a happy, sustainable world for everyone, everywhere and forever!

Be sure to also check out their Free Money Day initiative – it’s running on Sept 15 this year. Last year I was in Toronto and my $10 of free money attracted some media attention –


2 thoughts on “Post Growth Institute – enlightening resource and How on Earth…

    • It is great to be in collaboration and see more people involved and taking action… The more who know about PostGrowth – the better!

      Cheers, d’Arcy.

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