Why can’t you buy dinner for 40c in Australia?

A bit of a look at how food can and should be Happy, simply…

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny

My dinner last night here in Uganda was 40c (1000 Ugandan Shillings). It was a mix of beautiful hand grown, harvested and organic potatoes (there are no chemicals used at the single farmer level here as they can’t afford them and are so experienced in agriculture anyway) with a simple source of g-nut (ground nut – similar to peanuts) sauce, which also is readily grown locally and made from mincing the nuts together to form a paste and thinned out with some water, a touch of salt and a dash of oil.

Obviously the cost of the meal covered the costs and then a little extra for the wonderful experienced mother-chef. She cooked it on a charcoal burner and served it in the dark on some simple hand made bench seats in a plastic bowl with a spoon.

She makes enough to live, the whole process probably takes around 5-6…

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