What’s in a shower…?

Somewhere along the simplicity journey you will hear about washing yourself and simplicity… might be a river, solar shower or if you are one of about 3-4 billion this is how you do it anyway…

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny

A bright and beautiful sunrise on one side and quite dark and gloomy on the other is my advantage point over Kampala this morning (2 weeks ago). Luckily this doesn’t reflect my state of being as well.100_0719

I wanted to pick up on the strange and unique perspectives after having a hot shower the other day. I have had many hot showers in the past and not all of them have had the same significance as this hot shower.

First of all I didn’t know it was going to be hot, secondly it was my first hot shower in over three months (not that I wasn’t showering in that time just that I had cold showers like the majority of the population in Uganda and Africa) and thirdly it represented the wide chasm that I feel between the developing world and the developed world.

Now before you think that I…

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