Painful Purchases and Grateful Gifts – Part 1 Painful Purchases

This post would be more suited to my Happy, simply blog and especially after following on from Divorce the Supermarket but I figured it will reach more people who don’t think about their consumption as much on my regular blog. But please feel free to read, comment, share as you like!

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny

A two-part blog here that I came up with while hiking by myself in the South African highlands when everything is pure, simple, wonderful and I have too much time to think…

Part One – Painful Purchases

Every purchase that has even the smallest detrimental effect on either people or the earth should be painful. My guess is that this is around 90% of purchases.

I also believe we should feel the pain in purchases and really analyse if we need to purchase that item – please see an old blog of mine on the purchase of a soda stream machine.

We can’t always avoid some painful purchases and one example is for me probably having to purchase an iPad so I can give global awareness presentations (and have something to be able to read books while travelling full time). I know I can avoid this purchase if I…

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