Painful Purchases and Grateful Gifts – Part 2 Grateful Gifts

Part 2 – Grateful Gifts the better option than Painful Purchases…

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny

🙂  Part Two – Grateful Gifts  🙂

To counteract Painful Purchases and if we feel the need to reward ourselves or have the pleasure in giving to others, we can do it with benefits to everyone involved, especially the earth, with grateful gifts.

I’m sure there are loads of similar ideas like this out there but I didn’t have access to them while hiking in the mountains and forests in South Africa so these are the ideas and examples that I came up with…

I think the best grateful gift you can give anyone is yourself. This can be in service, companionship, knowledge, experience or expertise.

This model kind of follows the idea of time banking, sharing, volunteering, community service, etc but I think it can also be just a little more personal. A gift should recognise thought and caring about someone else. One of the nicest possible gifts…

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