The Happy, simply SA home timeline

I can’t begin to express in words what it is like to be back in my Happy, simply home we built in Aotearoa New Zealand this time last year…

It has been a year since I left it and I really couldn’t believe the emotions and feelings I had upon seeing the home again the other day and then spending the night in a home that I helped build with a great bunch of people. The atmosphere and energy of memories, laughs, highlights and challenges overcome was just incredible. I will be living in it for the next 6 weeks!!!

I am so looking forward to doing another one of these Happy, simply homes at the Aldinga Arts and Eco Village (AAEV) in South Australia in mid May.

However to get to that point I also remember the amount of organising and collaboration that is needed.

Below is a general timeline of what is needed to pull off a fully self-sufficient, sustainable and simplistic home by June 8. As you will see the big ask at the moment is for a builder, a designer and one or two other slightly experienced builders. Best will be retired builders, apprentices or those who build and are keen on a little 16 day project looking at simplicity and sustainability – please get in touch if that is you or you know someone who that might be →

Proposed timetable from here to build date and beyond with the actually building dates being 24 May – 8 June with a week before of prep and a week after of finish…

  • When: Late May / early June 2014 (24 May – 8 June build time with some prep and finish before and after those dates)
  • Where: Aldinga Arts Eco Village, Aldinga (40km south of Adelaide), South Australia map:
  • How: Using volunteer labour and recycled / donated materials
  • Why: To learn, share and participate in a community project that demonstrates how people can live a happy, simple life in a sustainable, self-sufficient home
Now till mid April Get human resources, materials and expressions of commitment and interest – this will require to get in touch with anyone/everyone we can to see if they are up for the project
Mid to late April Lock in the project if we have the things in place we need – mostly human resources, if not we will look to a simplified version
Mid April – mid May Start to stockpile materials – especially making sure we have a trailer
2nd week of May Start to really see what we have and what we need – this needs a bunch of running around to places to get materials and adjust plans accordingly – I get back to Melb 11 May then likely Adel 14 May
19 – 23 May Get a few people together – especially the builders to have a very clear idea of what we are building and again what we have and what we need. Also prepare the trailer so it is level and ready to build on
Build Week 1: Sat 24 May – Fri 30 May Start building! As many volunteers and hands on deck as possible
Build Week 2: Sat 31 May – Sun 8 June Again all hands of deck and especially the middle weekend
9 – 15 June All the fun finishing stuff like painting, inside stuff, nicks and knacks and only needs anyone who is willing to stay around and this will likely spill over into the third week of June
15 June Little-home warming party!
From July onwards The Happy, simply home will be available to anyone and everyone who would like a taste of the Happy, simply life! Bookings 1 week maximum and done through email

I am keeping a document of people who are keen to join in to learn, share and build so please send me an email with your name and contacts, your building experience (never before to fully qualified – all welcome!) and your availability. The more time the better for the project and also you to get the skills and see it evolve from an idea to a home in 16 days!

Hope to share this great opportunity and experience with as many of you as possible! Please share around…


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