Aldinga Arts EcoVillage – Home to Happy, simply SA

Aldinga is about 40km south of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

Many moons ago, about 20 years ago I think, some people got together and decided they wanted to zone a small area so people with environmentally conscious ideologies and actions could have small blocks with modest houses in an place with few roads, more open spaces and a space for more community connection.

Aldinga Arts EcoVillage (AAEV) is the product of this and I can only imagine the amount of paperwork and convincing needed to get it through council laws…!

For a much better description and the ethos of AAEV you are best to see their website which mentions the “village is an intentional community based around the principles of permaculture, with a focus on arts and the environment.

I have spent a lot of time in the Aldinga area over the years but had never heard of AAEV (maybe because I didn’t live in Adelaide for the past 14 years) and only heard about it for the first time last year. I couldn’t believe a space like this existed where it was a drawcard for people who sought after connection to people and planet – especially where I had been brought up in relatively conservative Adelaide.

AAEV is hosting the building of the Happy, simply home and there could not be a better spot where collaboration will result in mutual benefit. The Happy, simply outlook to life where ‘less is more’ and ‘just enough is plenty’ fits in very well to the atmosphere and peace of AAEV.

AAEV firstly listened to the Happy, simply idea, they then shared it with their community and I was lucky to find Beau who wanted to take the idea further. AAEV will not only host the build of the project but also some of the volunteers! AAEV has already offered so much in the way of people keen to help out with – building, tools, food, sharing the idea and more.

The beautiful thing of this partnership is that once built the Happy, simply home will be available for anyone and everyone to use and have a taste of the Happy, simply life.

I am looking forward to interacting with the community and the community interacting with the home – watching it grow from an old caravan into a home with cooperation, interaction, experiences and memories. It won’t just be a home it will be a part of everyone who interacts with it and watches it grow providing an affinity and relationship with it that will last forever…

This sounds a little strange to have a relationship with a home but that is what happens when you have the smallest input or interaction with something – this is one of the things I have learnt from the developing world. They have a relationship with everything around them because more often than not they have had to be a part of it to make it happen as nothing usually falls into their lap from their government or others.

Taken from Laneways Learning

Taken from Laneways Learning

Happy, simply is very much a community project and not just about building a home. I am very excited to be doing this community project in the Aldinga Arts EcoVillage community…

Check out their website and all the ideas and practicalities behind AAEV:

Be sure to come and interact with the Happy, simply build 24 May – 8 June and take a look and experience around the village as well!


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