Happy, Simply SA – Floor Plan & 2.0!

100_1456 (7)

So this is a rough sketch (actually second version after the first one being really rough) on the floor plan and dimensions for the Happy, simply home in SA or almost can be seen as Happy, simply home 2.0!

This is based on the experience of the first Happy, simply home in Aotearoa New Zealand where I have been currently living for the past 5 weeks and also what it lacks. Another consideration isn’t the cold like in NZ but the heat so extra awnings, verandas and shelter needed…

I’m no designer and I love the input of designers and those who can use space creatively so I am, looking forward to a couple of architects and designers being involved in the build. However the trouble with the nature of this project is that the design will be secondary to the materials we are able to source that are left over from build sites etc…

You may notice a few things different from the NZ home or missing from this design:

  • Kitchen – I don’t really have one or want one, I like a basin outside and then cook inside as needed, this also avoids plumbing needed and keeps things more organic for waste and simpler
  • No loft like the home in NZ – I love my loft in the NZ home but it adds a lot of extra height, materials, expertise and time. I feel I can get away with a decent bunk bed and use the space underneath for storage or a desk
  • An extra door leading to a toilet and shower – this doesn’t exist in the current Happy, simply home and it should. For me I love showering outside with the solar shower even on a chilly day but not everyone wants to and especially poop in a bucket and take it outside to the compost heap – a shame we mentally struggle with this one when every other animal does crap in a bowl with water it can drink!
  • Bike storage! – I don’t have many materials objects but I have a bike and cherish it enough for it to be out of the element, hence a bike shed on the back deck

As someone who has no building or designing experience or even interest I love that I get to put a simple idea on paper like a 10 year old and dream of my perfect space. I look forward to the input of others in the project and I’m not really bound by any of my ideas as it is a community project and this project will take a community to build the home!

Input, suggestions, questions, comments or concerns welcome!

And a few recent pics of the inside of the Happy, simply home in New Zealand (I should have cleaned a bit first!)


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