Back to the Build (tomorrow)!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi Folks and a Happy, simply happy day to you all!

We are back building again tomorrow. I have to say we are still struggling to find all the bits and pieces but at least know where we can buy them as we need them… so still keep an eye out for materials – see below but in particular plywood sheets, insulation and roof rafters.

Building will now be everyday till completion (hopefully June 9!). Tomorrow and for a couple of days will be putting the wall frames together and then we move into wrapping the building with our amazing gor-tex like wrap from Laros. From there is it a matter of outside cladding, roofing, windows, doors, insulation, inside cladding, solar and more…!

A reminder of important info for volunteering:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Start time 9am at Clematis Walk at the Aldinga Arts EcoVillage (AAEV)
  • Days are usually 9-4
  • We have an empty house in Willunga for people to stay (with electricity and water) just need to bring your camping gear (bedding) with you and let me know if you are staying so I can keep track of how many
  • We have heaps of soup and bread for lunch each day (vegetarian) but bring other food if you need/want and snacks and stuff if you need/want
  • Bring tools with you if you have them
  • Bring gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, closed shoes, suncream, etc with you if you have them – shoes and gloves as a minimum
  • Call out if you need a lift from Adelaide and see if others can answer your call

Let me know if you still have any more questions and keep up to date with the Facebook page and/or blog and did you see the youtube clips Mike has been putting up:

Take a look at the wish list below and get in touch if you need more info or have any questions!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow and beyond!

Happy, simply


The Wish List! As at Wednesday 28 May

Need Have Wish list







3@2700x90x45 (got them I think)

7@2400x90x45 (got them I think)









2@2100x90x45 (got them I think)


16@2400×120 or greater x35 or greater


9 – 16@2400×120 (or greater) x 35 (or greater) (need)

Roof battens



6@4800x70x35 (or 45) (need)

Lintels – Think if needed can use random lengths of 120×35
Noggins – Not sure if what is left to be enough. But if not we need 13.2m of 90×45  

13.2m of 90×45 (got them I think)

Ply bracing



OR 14@2400x1200x5-11


2@2400x1200x5-11mm (need)

8@2700x1200x5-11mm (don’t think they exist in 2700 so extra 12@2400)

Ply ceiling



4@2400x1200x5-11mm (need)

External battens

22@2700 70×35

10@2400 70X35


22@2700 70×35 or smaller section (need)

10@2400 70X35 or smaller section (need)

Insulation Floor only Need for walls and ceiling (need)

14 L / U shape brackets



14 L shape brackets or U shaped brackets 100mmx50mm (need)

Bolts (galvanized)



46 washers

None (need)



Bolts and washers mush suit brackets

Bugle screws

Box 100@100mm

None Bugle screws (need)

Box 100@100mm

3x bugle driver bits None 3x bugle driver bits (need)
Big box 30mm galvanized clouts None Box 30mm galvanized clouts (need)
3x roofing screw driver bits None 3x roofing screw driver bits (need)
Big box of 90mm galv nails None Big box of 90mm galv nails (need)

Nuts, Bolts and Extra

  • Grey calking for corrugated iron around windows and doors
  • Whirlybird to extract hot air from roof
  • A single window that can open, dimensions 200mm x 600-800mm (or something similar) basically a longish horizontal window, again we will try and find second hand
  • 4 x axle stands 1500kg or above and best if second hand
  • Solar adaptor and converter
  • Solar batteries – 7amp closed cell batteries
  • Masks
  • Disposable suits for insulation
  • Chalk line and some chalk for chalk lines
  • Some more drills
  • Hand saws
  • Squares for drawing 90 degree angles
  • Misc drill bits
  • Spanners/ shifter for bolts
  • Straight edge 3m long

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