And then there was a house!

AAEV Day 06 (17)And then there was a house… well at least the outside of a house, and only kind of, but no roof, or the final outside cladding – BUT it looks like a house now!

First we started with some framing on Sunday…

which was then erected and strengthened on Monday.

And today was ply cladding to strengthen and put the makings of a roof, as well as fitting windows, boxing over wheels and a myriad of other little bits and pieces…

It is just amazing how quickly things come along once you have the framing up.

As always the highlight for me was seeing a community of people come together to learn, share, talk and move together for a common purpose.

The Heathfield High guys were just fantastic. They have great skills, keen to listen, keen to offer their own ideas and work together on a building project that has a practical application for their future (whether they build again or not). Kieran and Phil their teachers are brilliant to have skilled them up to this point so they are hitting the build running and ready to apply that theory into a home – just awesome.

AAEV Day 06 (13)


The students were also very lucky to have been joined by a building mate of mine, Paul who came along and showed them what it really means to be a full-time builder – the tools you need, the skills involved, the brain work it takes and a top attitude of enjoying what you are doing – cheers a-plenty Paul and T!
Looking forward to tomorrow and another day with another group of Heathfield students as we aim to clad the building in corrugated iron and maybe even have a roof!

Looks beautiful eh!


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