Detail and precision takes too long!

Been a tough couple of days after the magic of Monday and Tuesday. I of course know nothing of building so when we put up the frames and clad them in two days it looked like we had built a house – done! But unfortunately a house needs doors, windows, a roof and more trickier fiddly bits which take knowledge and time! Seems keeping water out is important when building a house.

AAEV Day 08

I totally admire the building game and builders or anyone involved in the process of providing shelter. For every question there are three more questions that follow. Then knowing what needs to happen first before the next thing and which material or tool is require is bloody hard (when you don’t know what you are doing).

It has all been a wonderful daily lesson for me and other volunteers who often want to learn some building skills or are just beautiful community active citizens who lend their time to something a little different and interesting.

So while I personally feel like the build is going backwards it is just getting the small important bits checked off the list.

AAEV Day 08 (3)

AAEV Day 08 (1)But as always the highlight of my day was eaves dropping in on conversations of strangers brought together around an idea and them sharing why they are there or what they do in their lives – it is like a great dinner party but instead, a dinner party that builds a house and with less grog (by day) – gotta say the food is pretty good though!

Not a lot to report on by way of photos or time lapse but an important day tomorrow as we try to put the final clad on and get stuck into the roof…

View through the beautifully clean windows

View through the beautifully clean windows 😉 


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