Happy, simply Goes DIY (and beyond)

AAEV Day10 (17)Happy, simply became DIY today… Unfortunately we didn’t have any recognised builders for the day so a band of around 8 volunteers decided to take an eighth of the builder’s role each – along with some special guest appearances and from MG, the builder from the past two days, Clem a guy in the village who has done a bit of building once before and phoning a friend, Paul our builder from Tuesday!

In the end we did very well to clad the whole back of the home, finishing framing around doors and windows as well as finishing the taping of the wrap to make the entire place to now be completely weather-proof.

While we are feeling proud of ourselves for the moment, we will wait and see how much of what we have done may need to be undone… 🙂

AAEV Day10 (18)

It was a wonderful day as we used common sense, guess work and general scratching of heads to get us through and in the end with a lovely sense of completion.

On with the iron cladding tomorrow and we might soon be on the inside to do the cladding there!


2 thoughts on “Happy, simply Goes DIY (and beyond)

  1. I hope you are about to complete the building.thanks goes to you and your team for your hard work and commitment.that attracts me to be part.the house done is so good .kindly keep it up.
    i HOPE to learn more from the team.
    from Safari Alex
    Community Uplift Kisoro Uganda

  2. Thats looking pretty damn good Lunny with or without a roof – Im impressed. Im a great backtracker myself as you might well know but they say in the end (in theory) you learn more!!! Although this has not been my experience. Good luck mate.

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