Farewell but big thanks Heathfield students

Day 12 (3)A bunch of progress today with many thanks and warm farewell to the Heathfield High students.

It has been great to have the Heathfield students on the build for three weeks. They have been patient, self-motivating, skilled, respectful and keen to be a part of the project just as much as any other volunteers.

Day 12 (2)

Big thanks to Phil the builder and Kieran the teacher for bringing this rich element to the project.

AAEV Day 06 (12)

Today’s jobs to tick off the list:

  • Roof Check mark symbol
  • outside iron cladding Check mark symbol
  • roof insulation Check mark symbol
  • start on inside lining Check mark symbol
  • frame for front deck Check mark symbol
  • painting barge-boards Check mark symbol
  • caulking and painting front windows Check mark symbol
  • finishing 2 out of 3 doors with inside door stops Check mark symbol
  • inside bed frame and playing around with internal layout Check mark symbol
  • great people doing great things Check mark symbol

It is worth taking note of the project’s movements from now till June 23… Hope to see you out there or following online (probably not daily like till now but frequently):

  • tomorrow (Wednesday) – building all day
  • Thursday 12 June – till 12.30pm
  • Friday 13 June – no building but have the Happy, simply presentation 6-7pm with Adelaide City Council, Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN) and others at the Adelaide City Library – public event, all welcome and extras. Details:https://www.facebook.com/events/1427638847508663/?fref=ts Then going for a beer at the Metro Hotel on Gouger St after
  • Sat / Sun / Mon 14/15/16 June building all day and would dearly love a builder to come join us for those days for a few tips and advice but we can handle most of the to do list
  • Tues 17 ABC are visiting and doing some filming at 1pm so come round if you wish and represent the volunteers! We will be building all day as well.
  • Wed 18 June half day till 3pm, Thursday 19 June half day after 12pm
  • Fri / Sat / Sun 20/21/22 Building all day and hopefully bloody finished! Probably also running a solar workshop on the Sunday…
  • The house warming (finished or not) will be a Champaign Brunch on Sunday 22 June from 11am!!!

I depart Australia Monday 23 June but sure to be a few ongoing things to do as well as open for people to stay once completed!!!



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