A Happy, Happy, Simply, Presentation

Back on the build again yesterday with ceiling and cladding happening after a day off presenting and sharing the Happy, simply idea and practicality since it is: Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project.

On Friday evening the Adelaide City Council in conjunction with the new Adelaide City Library hosted the Happy, simply presentation organised by the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN).

With 30 RSVPs you never know how many you will get on a cold and damp Adelaide evening but in the end we had over 60 people there.

It was a lovely mix of people, those:

  • keen on building,
  • those with an environmental interest,
  • people wanting to build their own home
  • people who know they will never afford a ‘normal’ modern day home
  • who have been involved in the building of the home – volunteers, builders, associations, collaborators and more
  • friends and family who had to be there because I told them to!
  • people who happened to be in the library!

HS Presentation (1)

There were also a number of great conversations around simplicity, happiness, sustainability and how to live a more affordable but fulfilling life…

Only one more week to go in the building (well until I head off overseas) so we will see how far we get…!

Happy simply home rainbow


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