Teaspoon – Go for a walk! | Day 01 Nanporo – Ebetsu

My next adventure (still with a simplicity theme) has begun as I walk 1500km in Japan learning lots and giving presentations on Teaspoons of Change: personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet creating teaspoons of change!
Follow along as you wish and I am sure to post lots of small Japanese homes, apartments and spaces!!!

Teaspoons of Change: better for people & planet - Walk in Japan

Kind-of the first day of the walk after a bunch of presentations and catching up with friends in my old hometown of Nanporo! All the photos from each day will be at the end of the posts…

Teaspoons of Change Day 01: Nanporo – Ebetsu, Hokkaido – every step from now on is one-way and closer to Nagoya!

Date:  21 Aug

Place:  Ebetsu, Hokkaido

Distance: 16.5km  

Total: 16.5km

Time (moving): 2.19”

Teaspoon of Change of the Day:  Go for a walk – walking helps save the world more than we think: happy people / happy planet
Japan Appreciation Piece: I love Japanese reunions. I had a number of ‘official’ reunions while back in Nanporo. They consist of everyone knowing it is an ‘official’ reunion. Then place, food and drinks are decided upon. People roll in and once everyone is there an official kampai (cheers) happens. Then…

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