2018 New Year’s Constitutions!

Another year in reflection, a year looking forward and some new and different ‘resolutions’ for 2018!!! Sure to be some simplicity and happiness in the mix as well!!!

Living Geography with d'Arcy

New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2018

Hi People of purpose for planet and global society!

A happy Christmas and a very merry New Year from Adelaide, Australia where I will be till the end of March (the longest time in 17 years since I left after university!) 😉

2017 was a mixed bag of all the best things in life and a few simple but persistent challenges (formalised education in a Japanese university being that elephant in the room).

Serafina and I go from strength to strength learning more, sharing, growing and content in the continuous energy and effort to make a relationship be a nourishing and beautiful thing (hopefully less from different corners of the world in the coming year).

I love touching base with all of you to share some thoughts from last year, looking towards next year and filled with stupid, specific and exciting new year…

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