Moving closer to D Day (Deconstruction Day)

This is more specific to those involved in the build in SA but for others it is a pretty good guide for one of the parts for anyone who might want to get a group of people together to do a community project to build a small self-sufficient home!

Great to be back in Adelaide and actually helping with the project whilst physically here!

It was a great meeting yesterday morning with most of the dedicated daily volunteer team in prep for the pre-build and build!.

Things are looking great with a few more materials and human resources to be on the lookout for but we have a wonderful group of volunteers ready to go and the caravan is ready for an extreme makeover! IMG_1482

At this stage the key dates are:

  • Next Tuesday 20 May when we start to deconstruct the caravan for the week (join us if you wish but work will be limited)
  • Then starting the building process from Saturday 24 May till built Monday 9 June (in theory)

A few key materials we are looking for from here on are:

  • Plywood sheets for outside cladding and maybe weatherboard for the toilet
  • Rust removal and rust prep paint for the trailer as well as wire brushes and clean up the trailer
  • Frosted glass door or glass door for the front door
  • A couple more sheets of gyprock for interior cladding
  • Structural wood for framing
  • Solar converter and batteries and someone who might like to give a solar DIY lesson
  • There will be plenty more but this seems to be the urgent ask so far

Good news is it looks like we have some sponsors for food in the lovely Dough stall at the Central Market! we have access to an empty house for volunteers to stay in Willunga! and I am so impressed how wonderful people are who are chipping in everywhere!!!

Hope you can join in and be sure to see all the detailed info from last blog.

PS it is never too late to join so if you are in Aldinga (close to Adelaide, in South Australia, in Australia!) and another builder would be a bonus!

Did you want some information and inspiration for yourself or others on the Happy, simply idea… please feel free to access all the google docs that contain the ideas behind the emails and docs than then form the output of a self-sufficient home!