Happy, simply. quotes – 1 each week for a whole year!

So this post stems from emailing Rochelle who has been helping me with designing the poster and banner for Happy, simply. (very cool poster and banner I must say) and if we want to use the ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ tag line in the banner…

I thought of one or two others that I like or quickly came to mind to replace the one above but then the inspiration hit me and this little flurry of quote came out as I have just been listening to an awesome podcast from the Moneyless Man that I listen to often, and then I watched a doco called Czech Dreams about advertising and consumer culture in the Czech Republic – both very cool and you should check them out!

Moneyless Man – the long interview http://www.podfeed.net/episode/The+Moneyless+Man+Interview+-+How+he+has+lived+for+over+2+years+without+a+penny/3003826

Czech Dream you can get from a great resource of documentaries from Thought Maybe – http://thoughtmaybe.com/czech-dream/

Anyway check out a few quotes (many) that have me thinking Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project…

– Less is More

– Healthy, happy and with lots of friends

– People over profit and debt free!

– Where just enough is plenty

– The best things in life are not things

– ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ actually I read this in a Chinese fortune cookie!

– Live like the change to want to see

– Is the glass half-full or half-empty? I’d be happy with a glass

– Are you are part of solution or are you a part of the pollution – Michael Franti, Spearhead

– Where people and places make the richest life

– Pure simple living

– Close to 100% pure living

– No additives – no need!

– Needs win over wants

– Where giving needs no receiving as giving alone is receiving enough

– Active citizenship, community participation and interactive living

– Better for you, society, the environment and the future…

– Its not a sacrifice, its enRICHing

– The gift of giving is giving

– Wealthy in friends, experiences and time

– When we get to choose simplicity it is a beautiful thing

– Richer for keeping below the Jones’

– The best storage space is no storage

– The way we were meant to live…?

– Where life is rich and real

– Equality can happen

– Sustainable living as the world designed for us all to fit

– Adapt a part or order the life package

– Personal and interactive with society and nature

– Where we are all just as important and insignificant as one another

– Where the richest thing in life, is life

– Living with a community and nature, not in it

– Where the cost of living is almost priceless (in costs and rewards!)

– Live in wealth of family, friends, community, nature and connection

– Regaining a sense of ‘normal’ from when we were put on this planet

– Live, learn and share

– In a community with a community

– Where caring is sharing and sharing is caring

– Not the mainstream, but why not? or Not mainstream New Zealand, but why not?

– Teach a man to build and he’ll build a happy simple village (or better if teaching a woman)

– Sorry no time for TV, too busy loving living

– Where todos conspirar para inspirar (where all things conspire to inspire in Portuguese)

– Resilience is a joy and path to more

– Live above the line but only just enough

– Live between the lines (of rich and poor)

– Feel connected, purposeful, engaged and simply satisfied

– Where you have more time for life and need less time for debt

– Where you will never want to return to a life of debt

– Have more space to think and enjoy life

– Make dreams come true (the kind you didn’t even know about)

– Where the simple things in life ARE the best

– If we want justice and equality for all

Happy, simply.

Would love to hear more of these… please add more in the comments section if you know more or want to adapt any!

Some are probably a bit too harsh in value judgements but maybe we them sometimes…? There is a list of 52 quotes here so I can add one of these a week in 2013 to give you Happy, simply. reminders if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter as I am not sure how I can avoid our social media dictators to do this… maybe print (recycled, reused one sided paper!) and cut them up and pin one up each week in your 10 square meter house somewhere… just thinking.

Also I wonder if there is a better picture to accompany this or using a variety of pictures…

I know I use this photo a lot but it does represent so much I love in the world. Nature and the basics. Put a community around it and its perfect (to me).