Happy, simply Online Video on the ABC

Sorry for another delay between blogs but my real life work of youth empowerment and global awareness seems to have taken over…

Good news is we have a 2min feature video from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) online:


A lovely look at the home and the collaboration that goes into it!

I also love that it really picked up on the essence of Happy, simply not that it is to live like poor people or to save money but that it is a richer way to live with more people, health, connectedness to community and the other aspects that I enjoy about Happy, simply living.

Living more with less and where less is more 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video and thank you Brett from the ABC who really took the time to come and speak, listen, learn and understand why we were putting this home together (and he also then came back again later with a door knob to contribute!).


Piece by piece – it takes a community to build a (tiny) home

Day 11 (9)

Happy, simply is pulling together nicely. Each cut, hammer, screw, fierce-out bashing and piece by piece the home is moving towards the finish line (the outside at least!).

Progress is going along slowly but beautifully. We have a great blend of inexperienced volunteers all having a go and trying to make it work mixed with some people in the know who are wonderful at directing, advising, sharing and doing the finer points as well as actually knowing what they are doing – or showing that impression!

Happy, simply now has 2 out of 3 doors!, a little more cladding, an interior custom bed frame, the making of a back deck and is ready to receive a roof!

The photos are back down on the ground and a wonderful new set of volunteers about the place over the past few days, mixed with the old reliables!

Only a couple of days away from moving the building into the inside and looking forward to the students from Heathfield tomorrow…

Day 11 (5)

Earned another man badge today using an angle grinder – luckily I had my safety shorts on…

Happy, simply Goes DIY (and beyond)

AAEV Day10 (17)Happy, simply became DIY today… Unfortunately we didn’t have any recognised builders for the day so a band of around 8 volunteers decided to take an eighth of the builder’s role each – along with some special guest appearances and from MG, the builder from the past two days, Clem a guy in the village who has done a bit of building once before and phoning a friend, Paul our builder from Tuesday!

In the end we did very well to clad the whole back of the home, finishing framing around doors and windows as well as finishing the taping of the wrap to make the entire place to now be completely weather-proof.

While we are feeling proud of ourselves for the moment, we will wait and see how much of what we have done may need to be undone… 🙂

AAEV Day10 (18)

It was a wonderful day as we used common sense, guess work and general scratching of heads to get us through and in the end with a lovely sense of completion.

On with the iron cladding tomorrow and we might soon be on the inside to do the cladding there!

Detail and precision takes too long!

Been a tough couple of days after the magic of Monday and Tuesday. I of course know nothing of building so when we put up the frames and clad them in two days it looked like we had built a house – done! But unfortunately a house needs doors, windows, a roof and more trickier fiddly bits which take knowledge and time! Seems keeping water out is important when building a house.

AAEV Day 08

I totally admire the building game and builders or anyone involved in the process of providing shelter. For every question there are three more questions that follow. Then knowing what needs to happen first before the next thing and which material or tool is require is bloody hard (when you don’t know what you are doing).

It has all been a wonderful daily lesson for me and other volunteers who often want to learn some building skills or are just beautiful community active citizens who lend their time to something a little different and interesting.

So while I personally feel like the build is going backwards it is just getting the small important bits checked off the list.

AAEV Day 08 (3)

AAEV Day 08 (1)But as always the highlight of my day was eaves dropping in on conversations of strangers brought together around an idea and them sharing why they are there or what they do in their lives – it is like a great dinner party but instead, a dinner party that builds a house and with less grog (by day) – gotta say the food is pretty good though!

Not a lot to report on by way of photos or time lapse but an important day tomorrow as we try to put the final clad on and get stuck into the roof…

View through the beautifully clean windows

View through the beautifully clean windows 😉 

Happy, simply SA Erected!

AAEV Day 05 (5)In just one day it was like we turned a trailer into a house… Thanks to the hard work and precision of people over the weekend who finished all the frames and floor, today was finally the big moment to erect the structure! See timelapse footage from the past two days at the end of the blog…

It started with the big wall on the back…

AAEV Day 05 (1) And we soon added the front frame and end frames slotting them in to the millimetre (well done Julian and weekend frame building team)…

AAEV Day 05 (3)By the end of the day we even started measuring doors and windows and it now even has two front windows (but nothing else!).

AAEV Day 05 (6)Tomorrow will see the students from Heathfield High School back on site where we hope they will see the roof go on and maybe some outside cladding…!

Great to have more new people on the build today including Patrick (pictured holding window) who was over from Aotearoa New Zealand and was an important part of the Happy, simply home in NZ last year.

Big thanks to Charlie and Cam today who were our building experts, advice givers, skill sharers and just wonderful people who gave their time to come and share and teach others about how to build a home with your own hands – it is just a fantastic feeling to receive that kind of learning!

And the timelapse camera from the past two days…

Day 3 – rain only adds sunshine to the Happy, simply community project!

Day three a wee wet but not in the sense of community, learning, sharing and building!

AAEV Day 03 (3)

From midday we moved indoors to the lovely community shed space of Aldinga Arts EcoVillage (AAEV) to complete the two smaller end wooden frames…

A day of calculations, cutting, re-calculations, re-cutting and some wall skeletons!

AAEV Day 03 (4)

To be continued tomorrow and everyday until completion! Be sure to come out to see us and join in…AAEV Day 03 (1)

The wonderful thing is seeing the Happy, simply family continued to get closer and happier with conversations, thoughts, laughs, perspectives and connections. This is the part of the project I like best as it is a wonderful ecosystem of learning, doing something together and wanting to be there for all different reasons but with one simple common goal..

AAEV Day 03See you tomorrow…?

Day 3 – Community Comes Together

After a few days of being rejected by most of the calls and emails I have put out in the world to lighten the burden of landfill and get leftover materials for the build – today was a wonderful day!

AAEV Day 01 (1)
Around 12 of us came together to spend the day together and also do a bit of building and in the end we have a floor to build a home on!

AAEV Day 01 (9)

It was a brilliant day with a mix of learning, thinking, sharing, interacting, trying, conversing, helping, doing, watching and the perfect atmosphere of strangers coming together to learn and share.

AAEV Day 01 (8)

AAEV Day 01 (4)

For me at least this is primarily a community project than a building project and day was a huge success in that regard. A bonus was it was also a great success in a building sense!

AAEV Day 01Julian stepped into the frame as main builder and teacher who shared his knowledge and experience with others allowing them to use drop saws for the first time or for all us produce a sub floor on an old caravan trailer.

The photos tell a story as will the time-lapse cameras once we have extracted what they captured today!

For those following this from South Australia please note the build is postponed until Friday 30 May next week till we get more materials and I’ve had a chance to see if there is a big pile of leftovers out there waiting for us! The new timeline looks like we will finish up on probably Wednesday/Thursday 11/12 June not Monday 9 June as first thought so reset your clocks for that timeline.

It’s a beautiful day to be with a group of people building a Happy, simply home! Seeya Friday 🙂  ???

Big thanks to all the volunteers today and the cooks, donations, support, tools, advice and more!