Booking Process (NZ)

Below is the simple two step booking process for the Happy, simply home in Paekakariki, Aotearoa New Zealand. There are also a few notes about what there is and what to expect in the way of amenities (or lovely lack of!). Hope to see many people get to experience the Happy, simply life! Note. stays are for max two nights unless negotiated as we want lots of people to have a Happy, simply experience, cheers!

Kia Ora and welcome for your stay in the Paekakariki Happy, simply home!

This home was built in two weeks by a group of wonderful volunteers in Feb 2013. It is one component of Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project (blog)

The Happy, simply home is on a beautiful person’s front lawn – Justine. She has very graciously allowed me (us) to have the home here and we should give her the same respect, kindness and hospitality with our stay here (drop her some chocolate or wine if you want!).

Please see below a few features to take note of, then once inside the Happy, simply home be sure to make yourself at home (esta casa es para todos casa – this home is everyone’s home) and feel free to use things but leave them when you go or maybe replace things you might have used for the next person. Also make sure you have a look at the green folders with info on the building of the home and the features and pictures! Take a look at the clip of the Happy, simply build from last year and then book below!

Happy, simply home booking process:

1). Check the Happy, simply calendar for the date/s you want: 

2). Email to request the dates you want to stay and we will put them in the calendar and get back to you to confirm

Enjoy your taste of the Happy, simply life and please leave a note in the guest book and a koha (donation) would be appreciated to go into maintenance, gardens, gas for the cooker, replace solar batteries and improvements.

Happy, simply,            d’Arcy.

Odds and ends to take note of: (note these are not the full details as we will send all details in a personal email when a booking request comes through)


  • d’Arcy – usually overseas working in remote areas in aid and development and never too far away from email – or if he is in NZ: 022 410 8988
  • Nicola – usually in Wellington and is the occasional caretaker (omit)
  • Justine – who’s property it is  (omit)


  • (omit)
  • Green key: catflap door (upper lock not handle lock), purple key: large sliding door, other two keys: bike locks

–  Toilet

  • The composting toilet is not yet ready for use, we hope to build a small shelter on the back deck with extra door into the home but alas not yet! Take on the project maybe?
  • Until it is ready you have two options for number 2’s (faecal matter [poo {shit}]):

o   Public toilets – park a few blocks to the right towards the beach and soccer ground; either end of Wellington road (road Happy, simply is on) – left, until the main road (Beach Rd) on the corner on the right hand side; or – right, go all the way to the end to Queen Elizabeth park or opposite the holiday park;

o   Compost toilet at the back of Justine’s car shed in emergencies;

  • As for number 1’s (urine [wee {piss}]) you can do in the blue pee pot inside but make sure you dilute with lots of water and spread out in the garden where there is lots of carbon (leaves, vegetation, not the lawn)
  • Remember over a billion people don’t have access to a toilet and shitting into drinking water is a pretty crazy concept, hope to have the compost loo ready soon!


  • The blue rainwater tank is clean and beautiful rain water. I also put a little waterguard solution in once every 6 months just in case but it is much cleaner and better for you (and the environment) than tap or bottled water.
  • Feel free to put bubbles in your water with soda machine!
  • If you happen to run out of water (why?) there is a tap near the footpath with safe water but there shouldn’t be any need for it unless there is a long drought or overuse!

Solar / electrics

  • It is only one smallish 95W solar panel on the top feeding onto a series of 7amp batteries in the home (stats for the solar nerds).
  • There is a converter so one power point can be used and two USB chargers and a car socket charger

o   Only use electrical items that draw less than 100w (basically simple electronics – phones, laptops, etc but nothing that produces heat.

o   LED lights will keep you going all night and a torch or something might be needed for the loft

o   Best to charge laptops and things during the day when charge is the highest, trying to charge laptops at night can draw on the limited amount in batteries

o   The green indicator lights will be 5 when the sun is out and at full charge, it will drop to 3 lights quite quickly but don’t worry you still have enough light for probably the entire night!

o   It will then slowly drop to 2 and one and eventually red-ish colour which means you are on your last legs

o   If it runs out then light a candle and enjoy the atmosphere!


  • There is a gas bottle and stove under a bucket under the outdoor kitchen wooden thingy, just light a match turn the knob and you are cooking with gas!

o   It is safe to use inside but do it on a piece of carpet or slate

o   If you run out of gas you can get more at the Paekakariki general store – $5 but it will take a day

o   If you have used the burner then please leave some koha for the gas

  • There is also a small alcohol burner (you can also use methalyted spirits), just be very careful not to knock over this stove or you will have a fire to deal with


  • There is no heating currently in the home – due to insulation, the home stays a few degrees warmer than outside and if very cold boil some water, have something to eat and do some push ups 🙂
  • There is a thick down duvet so it’s toasty at night and extra blankets in the couch/bed


  • There are a couple of pallets at the back of the home – that is the showering area
  • There is a solar shower (black bag with hose on the end) fill it about half full put in the sun and have a shower just after the hottest part of the day

o   Use a hook to hang the solar shower bag from the window seal of the highest window then put the hose into the hook near the wire hanger, turn on and you will get a shower effect! It will be fresh no matter what but invigorating and I personally enjoy it. When it is cold out go for a walk, run, ride get a sweat up and then take a shower and cool off!

  • Alternatively: go and ask at the caravan park for a shower and they may get you to pay a few dollars; heat up some water and bucket shower; go to Paraparaumu to the pool for a swim and a hot shower; or swim in the ocean – I think it counts as a bath!

Food waste, Worms and Chooks

  • There is a tiny worm farm under the house – give them coffee and simple food scraps – no citrus, onion, meet, diary or bread, those and lots of food scraps can go to Justine’s chooks – down near the shed.


  • There are (usually) two bicycles available if you are keen for a ride. I love and use them a lot so please look after them but still ride them as hard as you like!
  • I’m 6ft1” (183cm) and they both fit me but can be lowered to fit shorter people and youth as well
  • There is some bike stuff in the bottom self on the tall shelves in the home – pump, repair kit, spare tube, chain oil (you only need a little)
  • The bikes get used by the community from time to time so there is no guarantee that one, both or any will be there but they are usually there – just ask in your request
  • Use the locks and there are keys with the home keys


  • There are two gardens: one in front of the sliding door and another up by the footpath
  • Depending on season, who has been there, who has time, etc there is often a lovely little vegetable garden and some flowers
  • Help yourself to what the garden has to offer – herbs, tomatoes, silverbeat, beans, whatever, but leave some for the next person
  • Please give it love and attention if you want and add any veges, flowers, herbs, etc – flowers really brighten up the place and it’s a nice thing to pass onto future visitors


  • There are heaps when it is warm and a few when its cold – please be careful of the mozzie net above the bed as it is hooked onto some tiny hooks on the ceiling and can tear easily
  • There is a citronella candle (in a blue bowl) good to burn for an hour at dusk when they come in hungry

Lots of maps in the desk as well as books, reading, card game, atlas, snakes & ladders, etc…

Please feel free to make little adaptations and smart ideas – we love it when we see little touches that make a difference. If you have a bigger idea that would be great too, just check with us first… Above all enjoy your stay and I hope there are some ideas you take with you!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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