Best form of contact is usually through email: happysimplyhome(at)

And you can see my Facebook and Twitter pages for links and updates on all things happy and simplistic…

I come from Adelaide, South Australia (place of Happy simply home #2) but I’m usually not there. When I get to choose the place I like to be the most I try and base myself in Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast 40km north of Wellington in Aotearoa New Zealand….

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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Kia ora D’Arcy,
    I have sent you a facebook message but it will probably come to your ‘other’ box so just letting you know it’s there! I would love to connect with you about Tiny Houses (:

    Kia ora ra,

  2. i have a caravan that needs to be transferred from a property that i am willing to give it to simply living. the van is located at Clayton SA.

    • Hi Coral,

      That sounds like an amazing and generous offer!

      I know I certainly DON’T ever really want to build another one again (I did say that after the first one I build in New Zealand) but I would love to see others follow the model and put a Happy, simply home together with a community…

      Let me get in touch with the Aldinga Arts EcoVillage (AAEV) if they would maybe like to have a go at building another one and I will get back in touch!

      Thank you again for your very kind and generous offer.


  3. Hi d’Arcy,
    I just heard about your Adelaide Tiny House project from the Laneway learnings group.I am interested in building my own tiny house, but have no idea where to start. Wondering if you could suggest “a leap of point.”


    • Hi Grace – just the kind of question I love to see… My ambition for Happy, simply is to not go around the world building homes but for it to be a model and example for people to do their own tiny home and Happy, simply lifestyle.

      Starting point…
      My suggestion is start with the idea
      – is this a community project? Is it a learn and share opportunity? Is it just a get it built and done for personal use? Etc…

      If it is a community project then you will need a builder and a group of volunteers so start there.
      If it is just for yourself then maybe start with a builder or a designer.
      This takes a while and will need a lot of thinking and talking with others.
      I like to start with this point so there is some kind of vision (plus it is fun)…

      The other possible starting point is with materials.
      See what is available as leftover or specific to your idea (wood, cobb, etc).
      If you know what materials you need / want / have then this might be your starting point and you will design from there.

      Other people I know will spend months or even years just stockpiling materials. Also I have spreadsheets of what is needed for a basic home, how much of it and how I manage to get most of it.

      The materials / design / human resource is all a bit chicken and egg as any of them can come first and they are all dependent on each other.

      I also have a google document folder with all the bits of info and how I go about things. Another idea is to have a look at the blog recently from 10 May 2014 onwards as that will show you a pretty good timeline and order of things… Please feel free to email me on happysimplyhome (at) with any questions, comments or concerns and I can send you specific info and links as you need.

      Hope this helps!

      Cheers, d’Arcy.

    • Thanks for the comment and it has been wonderful to see the tiny house / simple living boom since the early 2010s… There have been a number of projects that stemmed from the Happy-Simply project and I love that school groups come and have a look and take in the ideals and intentions 🙂 Wishing bests! d’Arcy.

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