My Other Blogs

I run two other blogs:

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny and Live Below the Line Lunny

The first is keeping track of what I am doing and where… As a profesional resident volunteer nomad I have been given the best hand dealt in life which I use for social justice, learning and working towards justice and equality for all. It has taken me to more than 55 counties learning, working and sharing from a range of people and places

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny: 

The other is a campaign that I participate in and help run with the Global Poverty Project called Live Below the Line. It is where we encourage people from developing countries to eat and drink on the equivalent extreme poverty rate each day for five days. For example in Aotearoa New Zealand it is $2.25/day. The insights, learning and resolution from this campaign is incredible and this is what this blog tries to encapsulate.

Live Below the Line Lunny:

1 thought on “My Other Blogs

  1. Whatever you do has impact,its educational and it changes ones mind,its of good to me to know you,I hope your profitable to the world.let your plans be extended to Uganda and i HOPE you started before because you have helped us in constructing a health facility in kisoro Uganda.having observed that its helpful for them to have a uplift has planned to make improved cook stoves that consumes little fire wood and charcoal,that will improve in promoting conservation.

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