Happy Simply SA in Pictorial/Photo Form

Hi Folks. So this blog site will be kept up on an occasional basis from here on but I thought it would be nice to dedicate the second to last post on a pictorial look at the Happy, simply build in South Australia…

The next post (on the booking process for the Happy, simply home in SA) will be a last one in a little while as I am going on a 1500km walk in Japan for an idea I call Teaspoons of Change… which are personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet one teaspoon at a time… http://teaspoonsofchange.wordpress.com/  https://www.facebook.com/teaspoonsofchange

Enjoy the photos from before to after of the Happy, simply home in South Australia!HS SA HS SA (1) HS SA (2) HS SA (3) HS SA (4) HS SA (5) HS SA (6) HS SA (7) HS SA (8) HS SA (9) HS SA (10) HS SA (11) HS SA (12) HS SA (13) HS SA (14) HS SA (15) HS SA (16) HS SA (17) HS SA (18) HS SA (19) HS SA (20) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA HS SA (24) HS SA (25) HS SA (26) HS SA (27) HS SA (28) HS SA (29) HS SA (30) DCIM100GOPRO HS SA (32) HS SA (33) HS SA (34) HS SA (35) HS SA (36) HS SA (37) HS SA (38) HS SA (39) HS SA (40) HS SA (41) HS SA (42) HS SA (43) HS SA (44) HS SA (45) HS SA (46) HS SA (47) HS SA (48) HS SA (49) HS SA (50) HS SA (51) HS SA (52) HS SA (53) HS SA (54) HS SA (55) HS SA (56) HS SA (57) HS SA (58) HS SA (59) HS SA (60) HS SA (61) HS SA (62) HS SA (63) HS SA (64) HS SA (65) HS SA (66) HS SA (67) HS SA (68) HS SA (69) HS SA (70) HS SA (71) HS SA (72) HS SA (73) HS SA (74) HS SA (75) HS SA (76) HS SA (77) HS SA (78) HS SA (79) HS SA (80) HS SA (81) HS SA (82) HS SA (83) HS SA (84) HS SA (85)


Happy, simply House (warming) Freezing

Day 22 House warming (16)

Not the warmest day in Aldinga ever but the warmth from the community, participants and supporters made it the warmest possible house warming ever…

Day 22 House warming (12)

The temperature was the only indication of the home freezing as it was insulated, warm and loved to make it toasty in and around. I couldn’t imagine anything that could have been warmer and more human than celebrating a community to come together for over a month to recognise the experience – and by the way there was also a home that was a bi-product of that process to show for it…

I know I will sound a little delusional and that usually happens when I am at 10,000 feet on my way from or two my next chapter of life, as I am writing this on a plane back to my ‘normal’ world of global awareness education and social justice.

The house warming day saw the Happy, simply volunteers building feverishly to try and finish as much as possible before the 11am champagne brunch and the 12 open-house celebration. By 11am we were still putting in the floor, adjusting tanks and constructing a temporary front deck but regardless of how complete we were we put tools down at noon to join a bunch of supporters, family and others to stop time and take note of the wonderful contribution of humans to put together a community project that produced a self-sufficient home.

This is what Happy, simply epitomises for me – bringing community, collectivism, cooperation, connection together to create shared time and experiences. Anyone who has ever done something collectively will know the post reflection and recognition of what was achieved when people come together behind a shared goal, identity or project.

For me the best things in life are not things and I have never seen Happy, simply as a project to build a house it is a community project to create an opportunity to learn, share and interact with people, a project to build a community – that happens to produce a house.

Day 22 House warming (13)
I love the Happy, simply home not because it is beautiful or a tangible object that I will live in and share with others but because it was made with others who got to know each other and create quality rich experiences and friendships.

At this point I could go into a big Oscar speech of listing people, thanking them and being acknowledged myself but anyone who was a part of the Happy, simply experience – weather following online, making food for the project, donating materials, donating their skills and expertise or being there to use their hands and head to produce the home all walk away with some form of self-appreciation for their part in the Happy, simply project.

Day 22 House warming (11)

Popping the cork to ‘officially’ (prematurely) open the Happy, simply South Australia home!

We were all just as important and insignificant as each other and we now have something to show for our combined time and efforts that not only means something to us but to anyone who interacts with Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project.

Enough rare-air rambling but I can say I am extremely thankful to all who have been a part of the experience and feel proud in what we have achieved but best of all is I walk away with a group of new friends and a rich experience that will last with me for a lifetime.

Day 22 happy simply family

Infinite gratitude, love, happiness and thanks to all who have stepped into the Happy, simply space in the past 6-8 weeks – time for me to step away from the building space and back into the comforts of education, empowerment, global citizenship and youth inspiration for seeing an end to extreme poverty and a happy simple world for all.

Super thanks to all and I’ll follow up with a more practical blog on where to from here for the Happy, simply South Australia home…

Day 22

If you want to keep in touch with my propaganda in my other life of global education and social justice…

Please feel free to use any ideas, resources, information and inspiration from Happy, simply and just get in touch if there is anything specific you would like to know…

Clad Outside and In!

We have nailed and screwed in the last piece of cladding (probably to be unnailed or screwed later) and it feels like some kind of accomplishment!

Sam putting in the last nail of the inside cladding!!!

Sam putting in the last nail of the inside cladding!!!

In the end the inside is half plasterboard and half western red cedar tongue and groove cladding. I wish I could share with you the smell of the home now that it is half clad in the sweet aromas of cedar like a Swedish sauna – see the photos of the sauna corner…

Now with inside clad and window and door frames done we can plaster, paint, put in the floor and we will almost have a home ready to live in!

Day 17 (8)We are still lacking a couple of decks with verandas, a toilet room, gutter and water tank, outside edge flashing, solar power set up and a few other things but we are nearly there… Volunteers and builders still welcome!

Only a few more days of doing what we can so come join in or come see what stage we get to by Sunday for the Happy, simply  Open Day: https://www.facebook.com/events/1434264183502485/

Also I must mention Beau’s day of nail-gunning and power-sawing. Having given him mission impossible yesterday to make a box out of ply and awkward L-brackets he was the man of powertools today – not only that but he always prepares lunch, runs around and make countless calls, emails and requests to support the Happy, simply home build – this build would have been totally impossible without him and his two ladies, wife and daughter…

The background glue and no more gaps of the Happy, simply home - Beau!

The background glue and no more gaps of the Happy, simply home – Beau!

Farewell but big thanks Heathfield students

Day 12 (3)A bunch of progress today with many thanks and warm farewell to the Heathfield High students.

It has been great to have the Heathfield students on the build for three weeks. They have been patient, self-motivating, skilled, respectful and keen to be a part of the project just as much as any other volunteers.

Day 12 (2)

Big thanks to Phil the builder and Kieran the teacher for bringing this rich element to the project.

AAEV Day 06 (12)

Today’s jobs to tick off the list:

  • Roof Check mark symbol
  • outside iron cladding Check mark symbol
  • roof insulation Check mark symbol
  • start on inside lining Check mark symbol
  • frame for front deck Check mark symbol
  • painting barge-boards Check mark symbol
  • caulking and painting front windows Check mark symbol
  • finishing 2 out of 3 doors with inside door stops Check mark symbol
  • inside bed frame and playing around with internal layout Check mark symbol
  • great people doing great things Check mark symbol

It is worth taking note of the project’s movements from now till June 23… Hope to see you out there or following online (probably not daily like till now but frequently):

  • tomorrow (Wednesday) – building all day
  • Thursday 12 June – till 12.30pm
  • Friday 13 June – no building but have the Happy, simply presentation 6-7pm with Adelaide City Council, Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN) and others at the Adelaide City Library – public event, all welcome and extras. Details:https://www.facebook.com/events/1427638847508663/?fref=ts Then going for a beer at the Metro Hotel on Gouger St after
  • Sat / Sun / Mon 14/15/16 June building all day and would dearly love a builder to come join us for those days for a few tips and advice but we can handle most of the to do list
  • Tues 17 ABC are visiting and doing some filming at 1pm so come round if you wish and represent the volunteers! We will be building all day as well.
  • Wed 18 June half day till 3pm, Thursday 19 June half day after 12pm
  • Fri / Sat / Sun 20/21/22 Building all day and hopefully bloody finished! Probably also running a solar workshop on the Sunday…
  • The house warming (finished or not) will be a Champaign Brunch on Sunday 22 June from 11am!!!

I depart Australia Monday 23 June but sure to be a few ongoing things to do as well as open for people to stay once completed!!!


Piece by piece – it takes a community to build a (tiny) home

Day 11 (9)

Happy, simply is pulling together nicely. Each cut, hammer, screw, fierce-out bashing and piece by piece the home is moving towards the finish line (the outside at least!).

Progress is going along slowly but beautifully. We have a great blend of inexperienced volunteers all having a go and trying to make it work mixed with some people in the know who are wonderful at directing, advising, sharing and doing the finer points as well as actually knowing what they are doing – or showing that impression!

Happy, simply now has 2 out of 3 doors!, a little more cladding, an interior custom bed frame, the making of a back deck and is ready to receive a roof!

The photos are back down on the ground and a wonderful new set of volunteers about the place over the past few days, mixed with the old reliables!

Only a couple of days away from moving the building into the inside and looking forward to the students from Heathfield tomorrow…

Day 11 (5)

Earned another man badge today using an angle grinder – luckily I had my safety shorts on…

Happy, simply Dance Floor!

The SA Happy, simply home has a dance floor!

A great day of building, community and progress. We had a bunch of keen volunteers who all contributed to framing, floor wrapping, floor insulation and floor covering leaving the day with a completed dance floor!

Tomorrow we will be erecting the framing and getting ready to raise the roof with the school students on Tuesday! (please note and roll your eyes at the double pun in the last sentence).

It also seems we have most of what we wanted on our wish list and while this time it has been a little tough and tense asking people for things human nature and generosity has shone through again – that is a whole other blog as is a blog on the incredible wrap for the home we are using…

For tonight just enjoy the dance floor and Dani and Sam using it to its full potential!

Day 3 – rain only adds sunshine to the Happy, simply community project!

Day three a wee wet but not in the sense of community, learning, sharing and building!

AAEV Day 03 (3)

From midday we moved indoors to the lovely community shed space of Aldinga Arts EcoVillage (AAEV) to complete the two smaller end wooden frames…

A day of calculations, cutting, re-calculations, re-cutting and some wall skeletons!

AAEV Day 03 (4)

To be continued tomorrow and everyday until completion! Be sure to come out to see us and join in…AAEV Day 03 (1)

The wonderful thing is seeing the Happy, simply family continued to get closer and happier with conversations, thoughts, laughs, perspectives and connections. This is the part of the project I like best as it is a wonderful ecosystem of learning, doing something together and wanting to be there for all different reasons but with one simple common goal..

AAEV Day 03See you tomorrow…?